TA: L’etereum distrugge la resistenza dei tasti: Perché l’ETH potrebbe radunarsi al nuovo ATH

L’etereum è salito di oltre il 10% e ha rotto la resistenza di 1.250 dollari contro il dollaro USA. Il prezzo dell’ETH è scambiato al di sopra di 1.300 dollari ed è probabile che acceleri ulteriormente a breve termine.

  • L’Ethereum sta guadagnando slancio al di sopra dei livelli di resistenza di $1.250 e $1.280.
  • Il prezzo sta mostrando segni positivi al di sopra dei $1.300 e della media mobile semplice di 100 ore.
  • C’è stata una rottura sopra un importante triangolo di contrazione con una resistenza vicina a 1.245 dollari sul grafico orario di ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken).
  • La coppia potrebbe scendere di qualche punto, ma la struttura complessiva suggerisce più guadagni sopra i $1.350.

Il prezzo dell’etereum è in fase di Surging

Nelle ultime 2-3 sessioni, l’Ethereum ha iniziato un forte aumento rispetto alla zona da 1.200 dollari, e ha superato il Bitcoin Storm. Il prezzo dell’ETH ha infranto molte barriere importanti vicino a $1.245 e $1.250 per muoversi ulteriormente in una zona rialzista.

I tori hanno guadagnato forza, con il risultato di un rally sopra la resistenza di $1.280. Per iniziare il rally, c’è stata una rottura sopra un importante triangolo di contrazione con resistenza vicino a $1.245 sul grafico orario di ETH/USD. Il prezzo dell’etere è ora salito di oltre il 10% ed è scambiato ben al di sopra della media mobile semplice di 100 ore.

Si forma un high vicino a 1.346 dollari e il prezzo sta attualmente consolidando i guadagni. Un supporto iniziale sul lato negativo è vicino al livello di 1.315 dollari. È vicino al livello di ritracciamento della fibra ottica del 23,6% della recente ondata, da un minimo di 1.215 dollari a un massimo di 1.346 dollari.

Il lato positivo è che i livelli da 1.345 e 1.350 dollari sono un ostacolo iniziale. Una chiara rottura al di sopra del livello da 1.350 dollari potrebbe aprire le porte ad un forte aumento. Nel caso in questione, il prezzo dell’etere supererà molto probabilmente i livelli di 1.400 e 1.420 dollari a breve termine. La prossima grande resistenza è vicina al livello di 1.500 dollari.

Immersioni supportate in ETH?

Se l’etereum corregge al di sotto dei livelli di $1.315 e $1.300, potrebbe trovare un forte supporto vicino al livello di $1.280 (una zona di offerta decente).

Anche il livello di ritracciamento del 50% di fibre dell’ultima ondata, dal livello di oscillazione da $1.215 a $1.346, è vicino al livello di $1.280 per fornire supporto. Eventuali ulteriori perdite potrebbero portare il prezzo verso la zona da $1.250 (la resistenza ha girato il supporto).

Indicatori tecnici

MACD orario – Il MACD per ETH/USD sta ora guadagnando terreno nella zona rialzista.

Hourly RSI – L’RSI per ETH/USD è ben al di sopra del livello 50.

Livello di supporto maggiore – $1.280

Livello di resistenza maggiore – $1.350

Bitcoin could be part of a reserve alternative to the US dollar, according to former Canadian Prime Minister

Bitcoin and gold: the two assets are compared over and over again. Gold is older, Bitcoin is better. In the picture there are gold bars and BTC coins.

Bitcoin could be part of a basket of reserve alternatives to the US dollar, according to former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper, who was nine years long Prime Minister of Canada, says that there is a place for Bitcoin could give and digital currencies by central banks as part of a basket of reserve currencies to replace the dollar.

Bitcoin, a possible alternative to the US dollar?

In an interview with Jay Martin of the Investment Service Cambridge House at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference Harper said that the possibility that the US dollar will be replaced, could only come from a major currency like the euro or Chinese yuan. He expressed his doubts that a viable alternative, a currency by both would. On the one hand, given the long-term uncertainty about the value of the euro. Secondly, because of the „arbitrary measures“ that the Chinese government would take with regard to the value of the yuan:

It’s hard to see what is the alternative to the US dollar as the main reserve currency in the world. Other than gold, bitcoin, a whole basket of things […] I think you will see the number of things people use as reserves will increase, but the US dollar will still make up the majority of it,

Development of the central banks is upsetting

Former prime minister added that he thought that digital central bank currencies or CBDCs, to a certain degree were „inevitable.“ But they would likely be subject to monetary policy around the world. Harper said he was concerned that the central banks „a kind of general bankers“ could be, instead of being just a financial supervisor. Something that could affect the launch of any CBDC:

Ultimately, if you have a digital currency and the central bank’s purpose is to control inflation and create stable currency and price stability, then digital currency is just one kind of evolution of the market. But if it’s part of what I find to be a series of wild experiments into the role of the central bank, then I’m very concerned.

Harper served as Prime Minister of Canada from 2006 to 2015. Crypto and blockchain adoption in the country has expanded significantly since his departure. Canada even got its first regulated crypto exchange in September. The bank is also making progress in developing a CBDC, according to Timothy Lane, the Bank of Canada’s deputy governor.

All the Wall Street giants are doing it – Investing $ 100 million in Bitcoin is their project

Bitcoin, they will never get tired of it – At the end of 2020, the days go by and look the same. Bitcoin’s new ATH comes with a sign of interest from renowned financial players. Greenpro Capital announced this week its intention to invest in Bitcoin after praising its and Ethereum’s praise.

Wall Street goes into debt to buy Bitcoin

Greenpro Capital is a multi-faceted company. Created in Nevada and listed on Wall Street, it manages its operations from Singapore . Greenpro defines itself as a business incubator , which operates in a wide variety of segments, including finance, tech, health and the fine arts. But, what interests us is the crypto branch of the CryptoSX group . Through this company, Greenpro is building a platform to carry out Security Token Offerings and find a place in the DeFi ecosystem.

“We are fully convinced that Bitcoin is a store of value. I have asked our investment bankers to raise funds in the first quarter of 2021 to the tune of $ 100 million to invest in Bitcoin. The company will also invest its own cash in Bitcoin. “

CK Lee, CEO de Greenpro Capital

After MicroStrategy , it is therefore Greenpro Capital which takes advantage of ridiculously low interest rates to get into debt and invest in Bitcoin.

This announcement was particularly well received by the market. Will we see more and more large groups betting on Bitcoin in the coming months?

Grayscale COO spricht über die Masseneinführung von Bitcoin

Der Chief Operating Officer Michael Sonnenshein von Grayscale Investments hat seine Meinung zur verstärkten Einführung von Bitcoin und anderen Kryptowährungen geäußert.
In den letzten Wochen hat die Zahl der Kryptowährungen zugenommen, ganz zu schweigen von einem Anstieg des Wertes von BTC. Dies hat viele Gespräche und Diskussionen von Branchenexperten wie Michael Sonnenshein, COO von Grayscale Investments, ausgelöst.

Als ein weltweit renommierter Investmentfonds für digitale Vermögenswerte verfügt Grayscale Investments über ein Vermögen von etwa 11 Milliarden Dollar. In einem Interview sprach Michael Sonnenshein darüber, wie Bitcoin in den letzten Jahren Erfolge erzielt hat. In seiner Diskussion über Bitcoin verglich er das Vermögen mit einer Form von digitalem Gold, das nicht von der Inflation betroffen ist.

Der Erfolg und die Masseneinführung von Bitcoin

In seiner Diskussion vertrat Michael Sonnenshein einige der Argumente, die Bitcoin-Gegner vorgebracht haben. Er wies darauf hin, dass der Aufstieg von Bitcoin nicht nur eine Verrücktheit sei, sondern dass die Hauptakteure der Branche jetzt an einer Kryptoadoption interessiert seien. Ein solcher Akteur in der Finanzindustrie ist PayPal. Im Oktober kündigte PayPal die Einführung seiner Kryptodienste an. Die Ankündigung kam für die meisten Menschen überraschend, und innerhalb kurzer Zeit haben sich andere wichtige Branchenakteure in die gleiche Richtung bewegt.

„Ich denke, sie verstehen jetzt, dass der Kauf von Bitcoin und die Speicherung in ihrem Portfolio eine Möglichkeit ist, den Wert inflationsgeschützt zu speichern, ein bisschen wie digitales Gold (…) viel besser geeignet für die digitale Welt, in der wir leben“, sagte Michael Sonnenshien.

Mehr von Michael Sonnenshien

Michael Sonnenshien merkte auch an, dass, da diese Schlüsselakteure die Kryptotechnologie eingeführt haben, jeder davon überzeugt sein sollte, dass die Kryptowährung eine Lösung für die Zukunft ist. Er wies jedoch auch darauf hin, dass die Auswirkungen der COVID-19-Pandemie Investoren und Bankinstitute stark beeinträchtigt haben. Während sich Wirtschaftskrisen zusammenbrauen, sind Bitcoin-Lösungen von immer mehr Investoren überdacht worden.

Das beliebte Argument „Bitcoin ist keine Währung, weil man damit keinen Kaffee bezahlen kann“ ist nicht mehr stichhaltig, da Bitcoin nun als wichtiger Schritt zur Geldentwicklung anerkannt wird. Es ist auch ein glaubwürdiger Weg, um Kapital zu sparen. Während der COVID-19-Ära reagierten Bitcoin und andere Kryptowährungen nach dem pandemiebedingten Marktschock überraschend positiv. Dies verstärkte auch die Überzeugung vieler Menschen, dass Bitcoin als robustes Anlagegut eine gute Kapitalrendite bieten kann.

Ein weiteres Anti-Bitcoin-Argument, das dem COO von Grayscale missfiel, ist das, das besagt, dass die endliche Anzahl von Bitcoins die Gesamtzahl der Menschen begrenzt, die Teil des BTC-Ökosystems sein können. Er weist darauf hin, dass jede einzelne BTC durch 100 Millionen geteilt werden kann. Weiter argumentiert er, dass „unter Berücksichtigung der Grösse der Weltbevölkerung allen, die in Bitcoin investieren wollen, die Möglichkeit gegeben wird“. Mit diesen Worten glaubt er, dass Bitcoin eine Möglichkeit für alle ist, die in Bitcoin investieren möchten. Insgesamt beläuft sich die maximale Anzahl von Satoshis auf 21 Millionen (der Gesamtbetrag der zu produzierenden Bitcoins) mal 100 Millionen.


Zum Zeitpunkt des Verfassens dieses Artikels wird Bitcoin derzeit bei 19.335,50 $ gehandelt, mit einem 24-Stunden-Handelsvolumen von 21.832.192.779 $ und einer Marktkapitalisierung von 358.946.717.822 $.

Bitcoin continúa su ascenso después de superar los 23.000 dólares

Bitcoin está siguiendo una línea de apoyo ascendente a corto plazo.

Los indicadores técnicos diarios están al alza, pero el gráfico de dos horas muestra cierta debilidad.

Es probable que BTC esté en la onda 3 de un impulso alcista de cinco ondas.

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El Proyecto Fideicomiso es un consorcio internacional de organizaciones de noticias que construye estándares de transparencia.

Bitcoin (BTC) ha continuado su ascenso después de haber conseguido finalmente 20.000 dólares, alcanzando un máximo de 23.800 dólares el 17 de diciembre.

Se espera que Bitcoin continúe aumentando hacia objetivos más altos antes de una eventual corrección.

Bitcoin sigue avanzando

El precio de la BTC ha continuado su movimiento alcista después de superar los 19.500 dólares. Alcanzó un máximo de 23.800 dólares ayer antes de crear una pequeña mecha superior y disminuir ligeramente hasta 23.000 dólares.

Los indicadores técnicos en el marco de tiempo diario son alcistas. Además del hecho de que el movimiento de ayer transpiró con un volumen significativo, el RSI acaba de cruzar de nuevo por encima de 70 y el histograma MACD es ahora positivo. La continuación de la tendencia alcista sería confirmada por un cruce alcista en el oscilador estocástico.

El marco temporal de dos horas muestra que el BTC está posiblemente siguiendo una línea de apoyo ascendente, y está considerablemente por encima de ella.

Sin embargo, los marcos temporales inferiores muestran cierta debilidad, ya que tanto el RSI como el MACD se están moviendo hacia abajo. Este último ya está dando una señal de reversión.

Si el BTC comienza a disminuir, el área de apoyo más cercana se encontraría en 21.000 dólares, el nivel de retroceso de 0,618 Fib que también coincide con la línea de apoyo ascendente.

Soporte ascendente del BTC

El artículo del martes sobre el recuento de ondas de BeInCrypto decía que el BTC está en una onda de ciclo largo 5 que se espera que le lleve cerca de 26.000 dólares.

El recuento de ondas para este ciclo se da en naranja en el gráfico de abajo. Si es correcto, el BTC está en la onda 3, lo que fue confirmado por una ruptura del canal paralelo que conecta las ondas 1 y 2.

Hay dos objetivos probables para la parte superior de la subonda 3:

25.871 dólares; que se encuentra por la extensión de 2,61 Fibras de la onda 1 (naranja).
23.654 dólares; lo que daría a las ondas 1:3 una proporción de 1:1,61, la proporción más común entre las dos ondas (negro).

Si esto último es correcto, entonces el BTC ya ha completado la onda 3 y ahora ha comenzado la onda 4.

El recuento de subondas de la onda 3 (negra) sugiere que la onda 3 no está terminada, ya que sólo podemos contar dos movimientos ascendentes dentro de ella en lugar de tres. Por lo tanto, se espera que el BTC experimente otro aumento antes de una posible corrección.

El BTC podría disminuir todo el camino hasta los 21.000 a 21.500 dólares (círculo verde) para completar la subonda 4 antes de moverse más arriba.

Además, el uso de la extensión de la Fibras 4.61 de la subonda 1 nos da un objetivo de 26.000 dólares para la parte superior de la onda 3, coincidiendo con el objetivo de la sección anterior.


Se espera que el precio de Bitcoin aumente hasta los 26.000 dólares. Es posible que se produzca una corrección a corto plazo de 21.500 dólares antes de otro movimiento alcista.

Para ver el análisis previo de Bitcoin (BTC) de BeInCrypto, ¡haga clic aquí!

Descargo de responsabilidad: El comercio de criptodivisas conlleva un alto nivel de riesgo y puede no ser adecuado para todos los inversores. Los puntos de vista expresados en este artículo no reflejan los de BeInCrypto.

Binance announces its strategic partnership with Chiliz

One of the largest crypto exchanges in the market, Binance, has announced its latest partnership with Chiliz. What’s it all about? We’re telling you!

On December 13, Binance announced through a blog post its latest partnership with a FinTech blockchain company called Chiliz.

New features within Binance’s futures
Chiliz gets one of its first investors
For those who don’t know, Chiliz ($CHZ) is a digital currency for sports tokenization and offers a Blockchain where fans can buy and exchange Fan Tokens.

In this way, Chiliz operates with Socios.com, a fan reward and influence platform, which, in fact, has partnerships with some of the most relevant sports properties in the world: FC Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, among others.

This is how Socios.com has become one of the largest non-financial Blockchain products with downloads by more than 370,000 people, sales of 14 million Fan Tokens and 700,000 votes registered in the Blockchain.

Binance: A success story of crypto coins in 180 days
Binance Launchpool
Therefore, the first milestone of the partnership between Binance and Chiliz will be the allocation of Fan Tokens through Binance Launchpool.

To be more specific, the first Fan Tokens to benefit from Binance Launchpool will be the Fan Tokens of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Italian champions Juventus (JUV).

So Binance users will be able to bet BNB, BUSD, or CHZ tokens in separate groups from 15/12/2020 at 0:00 AM (UTC) until 14/1/2021 at 0:00 AM (UTC).

Later, on 2020/12/21 at 6:00 AM (UTC), Binance will include these Fan Tokens in the innovation zone and will open the following commercial pairs: PSG / BTC, PSG / USDT, PSG / BUSD, JUV / BTC, JUV / USDT and JUV / BUSD.

„We are delighted to welcome Chiliz to the Binance ecosystem and look forward to enhancing both fan participation and crypto adoption among a captive audience of billions,“ said Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s CEO.

In addition, Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO and founder of Chiliz, explained that „Chiliz aims to incorporate many more partners from the world of sport and entertainment in the coming years

„In just under 3 years, we have already established ourselves as the leading force in this space, but this partnership gives us renewed strength and credibility to create the world’s leading ecosystem of fan participation and monetization,“ explained Dreyfus.

However, always remember to seek out more information before investing. In this case, Binance Research offers detailed reports on GRB and YWB.

165 million in Bitcoin was transferred for only $1.20 in fees

Bitcoin is known for its large transactions at reduced fees.

One user just sent $165 million worth of Bitcoin with fees totaling approximately $1.20.

Bitcoin may be the simplest and most efficient way to send large sums of money.

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards.

Most Bitcoin evangelists know that two of the main advantages of crypto-money are its ease of use and the fact that there are no restrictions on transfers.

On December 8, a user made a gigantic $165 million Bitcoin Aussie System transfer in a single transaction. The transaction fee was 0.00006520 BTC, or approximately $1.20.

Someone just transferred $165,000,000 in #bitcoin and paid a fee of 0.00006520BTC or about $1.20.
One dollar and twenty cents.

This is a transaction fee of 0.00000072%.

No third party is required to achieve this.
No one could stop it.
No one could relive it.

Most Bitcoin evangelists know that one of the main advantages of encryption is that it is easy to use and has no restrictions on transfer.

Earlier in the day, a user sent a gigantic $165 million Bitcoin transfer in a single transaction. The transaction fee was 0.00006520 BTC, or approximately $1.20.

Decentralization prevents the network from being directed and abused by a single party, but the ability to transfer large amounts of money quickly and cheaply is perhaps one of its most important use cases.

Bitcoin versus other value transfer platforms

Although Bitcoin is rapidly becoming a dominant global asset, there are other platforms that offer much more value. How do the pricing structures compare then?

At the retail level, if you want to send money to someone, you may be charged a flat fee or a proportional fee (or both) for sending money to another user.

For example, if you want to send money via PayPal, they will typically charge specified users a fee of 3.5% on the value transferred. If this rule had been applied to the Bitcoin transfer above, that user would have spent $5.7 million in fees.

On another platform, such as MoneyGram, a popular international retail money transfer platform, users are charged fees ranging from US$5 to US$20 depending on how quickly they wish to receive their money. If you choose the $5 fee, the transfer of your money can take 3-5 business days.

Although some people complain that Bitcoin transactions are not instantaneous like cash or credit cards, they can still be completed in minutes if the network is not busy.

No one knows who this mystery user is or to whom he is sending the money, but it is easy to move value across borders with Bitcoin.

One of the biggest drawbacks of physical assets is the lack of portability. If someone has $165 million and needs to move it to another country, doing so physically would probably be a considerable burden.

Going through border controls with $165 million in cash, precious metals or other durable assets would most likely result in you being reported and possibly confiscated.

Other assets, such as real estate, are obviously not transferable at all. If an emergency occurs and real estate must be liquidated, this cannot usually be done so quickly. If this were the case, then a substantial amount would likely be lost in the transaction.

Bitcoin is the antithesis of these assets, with the ability to carry billions of dollars of value in portfolios the size of a flash drive.

Ledger’s customers on their guard with a new wave of phishing


  • Ledger’s customers have received phishing attempts by e-mail and SMS.
  • The latest phishing attempt simulates sending a fake Bitcoin transaction (BTC).

Phishing attempts against Ledger’s owners have increased in recent weeks.

A new attack

The latest phishing attempt is particularly elaborate since the SMS appears as a confirmation of a transaction and offers the user a false cancellation link. The message starts with the first and exact name of the customer.

As a reminder, never give your private keys or the 24 recovery words to anyone, even if the request seems to come from Ledger. Indeed, Ledger will never ask you for this information.

More than ever, Ledger’s owners must be more vigilant following the theft in July of a file containing the e-mails, addresses and telephone numbers of the company’s customers.

1.1 million stolen XRPs

Recently, a phishing attack notably enabled 1.1 million XRP to be stolen from Ledger holders, i.e. approximately 240,000 euros.

The collected XRPs were sent by the hackers to the Bitcoin Blueprint exchange in five transactions, however the platform was unable to block the funds in time.

Fake Uniswap Apps on Google Play Store Steal Thousands of Dollars

Uniswap clone apps can be found on Google Play.

There are very few provisions to alert the tech giant to the deletion.

DeFi scams are on the rise in 2020

Reports are emerging that a fake Uniswap app has been spotted on Google Play and some victims have lost thousands of dollars.

According to Alex Saunders, founder of Nuggets News, a fake Bitcoin Lifestyle platform app is available on the Google Play Store. At the time of this article’s publication, the tech giant had not removed the malicious app.

Saunders added that someone had already lost $ 20,000 to the app which apparently asks for private keys.

One of our members just lost $ 20,000 to a fake @UniswapProtocol mobile app on the @GooglePlay store because it has 100 fake positive reviews so he trusted to enter a private key save phrase.

Please retweet this. Please report the application.

Uniswap Clone Scams

Google Play Store has over a hundred fake reviews that give the malware a 4.5 star rating. It has been downloaded over a hundred times and got downloaded by a fake developer email account called hello@unidex.com.

By trying to flag the questionable app and flag it as inappropriate, Google redirects users to a maze of pages that fail to notify the company of questionable apps on its app store.

Some of the responses to the tweet commented that people are reluctant to invest in crypto because of things like this.

Apparently, this isn’t the only fake Uniswap app. The Russian domain of BeInCrypto reported a similar scam last week.

Attack tracks

Google is not alone in spreading scams and malware. Facebook is a hotbed of disinformation and scams, and it has been widely reported that the social media giant was convicted of distributing fraudulent advertising in late 2019.

Hardware wallet maker Ledger has also been a target for fraudsters, as phishing campaigns targeting users escalated following a data breach earlier this year.

Consumers who have purchased Ledger hardware wallets have woken up to nasty emails claiming their crypto assets are at risk of being stolen. Some have even accessed their devices to find them empty and the company offers no support, blaming the end user for these seemingly impossible forays.

Hardware wallets are not foolproof despite what the companies claiming them claim, the risks are real and cryptoassets can be lost.

According to a recent CipherTrace report, crypto-crime has actually declined this year, but decentralized finance-based scams have increased. There were around $ 100 million in losses and thefts related to DeFi protocols in 2020, the report adds.

Analiza cen Ripple’a: XRP walczy o utrzymanie się na poziomie powyżej $0.24 jako że Bitcoin dominuje

XRP zobaczył dziś mały skok cenowy o 1,6%, gdy moneta walczyła z 200-dniową odpornością EMA. Pod koniec października spadł on poniżej wzoru symetrycznego trójkąta i zaczął się obniżać.
Przeciwko Bitcoinowi, XRP notuje prawie 3-letnie spadki.

XRP/USD – Buyers Continue to Defend October Lows

Kluczowe poziomy wsparcia: $0.235, $0.228, $0.22.
Poziomy Odporności na Klucz: $0,245, $0,251, $0,261.

Pod koniec października XRP spadł poniżej wzoru trójkąta symetrycznego i skierował się w stronę 100-dniowego EMA. Znalazł wsparcie w 200-dniowym EMA, ale wczoraj spadł poniżej niego. Pomimo tego, XRP pozostał podparty na poziomie 0,228 USD (,618 Fib & October lows).

Przerwa poniżej tego poziomu najprawdopodobniej spowoduje, że XRP na spirali spadnie do 0,20 USD. Z drugiej strony, moneta musiałaby przełamać opór na poziomie $0,26, aby móc zmienić się w byka.

Krótkoterminowa prognoza cenowa XRP-USD

Patrząc w przyszłość, jeśli sprzedający głowę poniżej $0,235, pierwszy poziom wsparcia wynosi $0,228 (.618 FIb). Poniżej tego, wsparcie wynosi $0,22, $0,215 i $0,21.

Z drugiej strony, jeśli kupujący cofną się powyżej 200-dniowego EMA, pierwszy poziom oporu leży na 100-dniowym EMA i na linii trendu spadkowego. Następnie opór wynosi $0,251 (bearish .382 Fib) i $0,251 (bearish .5 Fib).

Stochastyczna RSI znajduje się na skrajnie wyprzedanym terenie i jest zagruntowana dla byczego sygnału zwrotnicy, który powinien wysyłać rynek wyżej. Dodatkowo, RSI ostatnio odbiło się od prawie sprzedanego terytorium, co sugeruje, że niedźwiedzi impet się zatrzymuje.

XRP/BTC – Bulls Attempting To Defend 1725 SAT Support

Kluczowe poziomy wsparcia: 1725 SAT, 1700 SAT, 1680 SAT.
Key Resistance Levels: 1800 SAT, 1865 SAT, 1900 SAT.

XRP mocno walczy z Bitcoinem. Moneta spadła w sumie o 28% w październiku, ponieważ spadła z wysokiego poziomu 2400 SAT do 1725 SAT (minus 1.618 Fib Extension). Bykom udało się obronić to poparcie w ciągu ostatnich czterech dni, ale spadek jest dość skrajny.

Gdyby XRP mógł się złamać powyżej 1900 SAT (lows 20′ lipca), byłby to obiecujący sygnał dla każdego byka na rynku. Z drugiej strony, jeśli miałby on zamknąć świecę dzienną poniżej 1725 SAT, to XRP prawdopodobnie ucierpiałby jeszcze bardziej.

XRP-BTC Krótkoterminowa prognoza cenowa

Patrząc przed siebie, jeśli byki pchają się wyżej, pierwszy poziom oporu leży na poziomie 1800 SAT. Powyżej tego poziomu opór wynosi 1865 SAT, 1900 SAT i 2000 SAT (niedźwiedzia .382 Retracement Fib).

Z drugiej strony, jeżeli sprzedający złamią podpórkę 1725 SAT, dodatkowa podpórka znajduje się pod 1700 SAT, 1683 SAT (minus 1.272 przedłużacz włókna), 1650 SAT (minus 1.414 przedłużacz włókna) i 1600 SAT.

Podobnie, zarówno RSI, jak i Stochastic RSI są na tym rynku skrajnie zawyżone, co sugeruje, że presja na spadek może się wkrótce skończyć.