FTX Reports Cyber Breach Involving Claims Agent Kroll

28. August 2023 Aus Von admin

• FTX reported a cybersecurity breach involving its claims agent, Kroll.
• The breach resulted in limited, non-sensitive customer data exposure of certain claimants.
• Kroll is currently educating affected individuals on how to take necessary precautions to remain secure.

FTX Reports Cybersecurity Breach

FTX has reported that its bankruptcy case claims agency, Kroll, had a cybersecurity breach that resulted in the exposure of limited, non-sensitive customer data of specific claimants. The ailing cryptocurrency exchange alerted its clients, lenders and the general public of the data breach involving its claims agent on August 25 through the X platform (formerly Twitter).

Kroll Contacting Affected Individuals

According to FTX, Kroll is currently educating those affected by the cybersecurity incident about the precautions they may take to ensure their security. The insolvent cryptocurrency exchange made it clear that their systems and account passwords are safe. Debtors have opened a line of communication with Kroll and are closely monitoring the situation as it develops.

Impact On Bankruptcy Case

Celsius Network also experienced a data breach that resulted in customers’ email records being exposed and this has had an impact on their bankruptcy restructuring process. It appears that consumers of FTX are already receiving bogus emails and their personal data has been hacked as well. It remains unclear what effects this will have on FTX’s ongoing bankruptcy proceedings at this time.

Increased Crypto Holdings Through Galaxy Digital

FTX is seeking to increase its crypto holding through selling, staking and hedging with the help of Galaxy Digital in order to help them relaunch successfully after filing for bankruptcy earlier this year. This means that they may be able to recover some lost funds from creditors which could be beneficial for them moving forward once they reopen operations later this year or early next year as planned.

Be Vigilant About Fake Emails

Customers are urged to be vigilant about emails that could be fake or scams pretending to be from companies going through bankruptcy such as FTX or Celsius Network so that they can protect themselves from further harm caused by malicious attackers attempting to gain access to sensitive information or funds stored on these exchanges’ platforms.