Ledger’s customers on their guard with a new wave of phishing


  • Ledger’s customers have received phishing attempts by e-mail and SMS.
  • The latest phishing attempt simulates sending a fake Bitcoin transaction (BTC).

Phishing attempts against Ledger’s owners have increased in recent weeks.

A new attack

The latest phishing attempt is particularly elaborate since the SMS appears as a confirmation of a transaction and offers the user a false cancellation link. The message starts with the first and exact name of the customer.

As a reminder, never give your private keys or the 24 recovery words to anyone, even if the request seems to come from Ledger. Indeed, Ledger will never ask you for this information.

More than ever, Ledger’s owners must be more vigilant following the theft in July of a file containing the e-mails, addresses and telephone numbers of the company’s customers.

1.1 million stolen XRPs

Recently, a phishing attack notably enabled 1.1 million XRP to be stolen from Ledger holders, i.e. approximately 240,000 euros.

The collected XRPs were sent by the hackers to the Bitcoin Blueprint exchange in five transactions, however the platform was unable to block the funds in time.