New Crypto Presale Offers 100x Potential: Buy Now!

3. Juli 2023 Aus Von admin

• Binance Labs has opened its sixth season of Incubation Program, which offers tailored resources and mentoring for startups.
• AltSignals is running the presale of its native token ASI, as it readies for the launch of its AI platform.
• The program’s goal is to promote innovation in the Web3 industry, a rapidly expanding field at the vanguard of the digital revolution.

Binance Labs Opens Season 6 Incubation Program

Binance Labs has started accepting applications for its sixth season Incubation Program. The program’s goal is to promote innovation in the Web3 industry – a rapidly expanding field at the vanguard of the digital revolution. Through tailored resources and mentoring, this incubation program offers startups an opportunity to be part of this revolutionary movement. Over 900 applications were submitted during last season and 12 teams were chosen out of which Binance invested in 5 standout projects.

AltSignals Crypto-Based AI Project

AltSignals is a crypto-based AI project that uses blockchain technology and AI to create high calibre trading intelligence online. Launched in 2017, this project already has a community with over 50,000 members who benefit from AltSignals‘ patented AltAlgoTM trading indicator tool which boasts an exceptional success rate of 64%. To raise this rate even further, AltSignals is creating ActualizeAI – a completely new trading stack powered by artificial intelligence – to strive for an average success rate above 80%. As it readies for launch, AltSignals is currently conducting a presale for its cryptocurrency ASI.

ActualizeAI Trading Stack

The ActualizeAI trading stack created by AltSignals combines blockchain technology with artificial intelligence (AI) to generate sophisticated trading decisions and insights at unparalleled speed and accuracy levels. This technology provides traders with powerful tools such as algorithmic portfolio rebalancing, real-time market analysis, portfolio optimization strategies, AI-assisted order generation etc., enabling them to make informed decisions about their investments quickly and accurately.

Presale Progress

The first stage of AltSignal’s presale has hit 96.71%, indicating strong investor interest in the potential offered by ActualizeAI platform when it launches later this year. With investors eagerly awaiting more updates on ActualizeAI’s progress towards launch date , it remains to be seen what impact this revolutionary product will have on how people trade cryptocurrencies .


It’s clear that both Binance Labs‘ Incubation Program as well as AltSignal’s innovative crypto-based AI project have immense potential when it comes to driving technological advancement within the cryptocurrency space forward . With both initiatives offering unique opportunities for startups looking to capitalize on these innovations , there are plenty of exciting possibilities ahead .