United States: a street artist promotes Bitcoin while criticizing the current financial system

Last month, 12 cities across the United States saw several of their billboards get hijacked by street artist Cryptograffiti. These panels present Bitcoin (BTC) as an alternative to the current financial system and criticize the actions of the Federal Reserve.

Bitcoin would be the people’s currency according to Cryptograffiti

Last month, the United States saw the blooming of rather peculiar billboards . Twelve cities were able to observe the works of the street artist, known as Cryptograffiti.

The artist staged Bitcoin Pro in the style of promotional posters accompanied by slogans aimed at raising public awareness of the queen of cryptocurrencies. Each billboard presents Bitcoin as an alternative providing some financial stability to its users.

Throughout history, art has often been used in different forms to express political claims. With its art, Cryptograffiti wishes to send a strong message. According to him, Bitcoin is the people’s currency and should be encouraged more, his personal goal being to separate money from the state.

Cryptograffiti targeted the cities where branches of the United States Federal Reserve (FED) are present to express its vision through its art

The artist’s claims are political . Indeed, this succession of works is a critique of the abolition of the gold standard in the 1970s in the United States.

The monetary system under this standard was based on the fixed amount of gold available in the country. As explained in the Cryptograffiti tweet , the dollar could be exchanged for gold. The government was required to have the precious metal in sufficient quantity to be able to print new banknotes.

“With no cap on the amount of money that can be printed, the Central Bank of the United States is now free to create unlimited amounts of dollars. When the Federal Reserve prints money, there is inflation and prices go up because all the dollars are worth less, ”added Cryptograffiti .